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The Cessna 150 is known worldwide as the most popular training aircraft ever produced.  This aircraft is easy to fly and provides great visibility.  Our 150 has upgraded navigation systems including a panel-mounted GPS with moving map, dual communication radios, an intercom system, transponder with altitude encoding, ADF and a VOR with glide slope.     

Gross Weight - 1600 lbs ~ Top Speed - 122 m.p.h. ~ Cruise - 75% Power at 7000 ft - 117 m.p.h. ~Range - 475 mi, 4.1 hr. no reserves ~ Rate of climb at sea level - 670 fpm ~ Service Ceiling - 12,650 ft ~ Take off ground run - 735 ft ~ Landing roll - 445 ft ~ Engine: Continental O-200-A 100PH at 2750rpm

Our rental price is $89 per hour wet (includes fuel and oil).

More Cessna 172s have been produced than any other general aviation aircraft.  Superb visibility, ease in operation, simple ingress/egress, large interior, and a spectacular safety record are only a few of the reasons for this. Our 172  is a great primary and IFR trainer,  including dual navigation and communication radios, built- in two person intercom with an external 4-place  intercom, transponder, and yoke mounted  moving map display.  

Gross Weight - 2300 lbs ~ Top Speed - 160 kts ~ Cruise - 75% Power at 8000 ft - 120kts. ~Range - 641 mi, 4.6 hr. no reserves ~ Rate of climb at sea level - 770 fpm ~ Service Ceiling - 13,500 ft ~ Take off ground run - 835 ft ~ Landing roll - 510 ft ~ Engine: Lycoming O-320-H2AD 160hp at 2700 r.p.m

All for only $129/hr.


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The flying lessons were awesome! Not to mention the gorgeous view! Ellen, Detroit

Great instructors, great experience, and at a very reasonable price! Steve, Detroit

The ground training was thorough and the flying lessons were enjoyable. Don't pass these lessons up! Craig, Detroit

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