Take a flight Lesson for as little as $139!

Flight School Pricing

Demo Flight:  $139 – Includes 15 minutes of ground training and 15 minutes of in-flight lessons.

City Flight:  $199 – Includes 30 minutes of ground training and 30 minutes of flying lessons including a flight over Detroit's skyline.

Premium City Flight:  $299 – Includes 60 minutes of ground training and 60 minutes of flying lessons including flights over all of Detroit's skyline.

Your Flight Lessons Reservation

Please call (619) 632-4071 to book your reservation.

Your reservation will be secured with a $9 per person booking fee and prepayment of your aircraft rental / lesson.

Book your reservation in advance to secure your spot.

The booking fee of $9 is a one-time charge, transferable if you choose to change your reservation time.  It is non-refundable.

The  weight limit is 240 pounds, but please call if you are over 240 pounds.

There is an extra charge if you are over 200 pounds

Gift Certificate Reservations:  Just Pay the $9 booking fee and show up for the fun!

Video and Photo Pricing

Basic City Flight Video:  $49

Premium City Flight Video:  $59

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation/rescheduling policy:  All purchases are non-refundable but our no-pressure customer service policy allows you to reschedule your flight lessons if you notify us at least 48 hours prior to your lessons.  We appreciate getting as much notice as possible if changes to your flying lessons time is needed, so that our pilots can more efficiently plan their day.

Canceling or rescheduling within the 48 hour window forfeits $50 of your payment.

Discount Flying Lessons

We offer the best flight lessons in the Detroit area. With great instructors and a beautiful scenery, flying with us will be an unforgettable experience! Call Us Today!

Recent Testimonials

The flying lessons were awesome! Not to mention the gorgeous view! Ellen, Detroit

Great instructors, great experience, and at a very reasonable price! Steve, Detroit

The ground training was thorough and the flying lessons were enjoyable. Don't pass these lessons up! Craig, Detroit

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